Site Map and Sketches

Mini Site Site Map

The mini site will be have three sections: video, glossary and food pairing. We are also planning to have PHP selectors so the content that audiences are viewing will continue onto the site for a favourable experience.

Landing Pages Site Map

The landing pages will have two images (options) which the viewer will have to choose between. Depending on their option chosen (with a click/tap), it will lead them to more information about that particular wine.


Mini Site on desktopimg_2675

The mini site is a single scroller with the 3 sections at the bottom of the home page. The wineguy’s logo at the top for viewers to know whose page they are viewing, and the three sections made clickable for viewers to go to the selected sections easily.

Once selected on one of the three options, they are taken to the section where the information or video will take up the full screen. As it is a single scroller mini site, viewers are able to scroll through to the different sections without having to click on the three options on the home page. This allows them to have freedom to look through the site before choosing which one they would like to look at.

Video Section: The video will take up majority of the page with a playlist on the right hand side for viewers to click on to watch more. There will also be a button on the bottom right hand corner that will allow viewers to go to wineguy’s website to view all videos.

Fact of the Day Section: This is the glossary which will be made into facts of the day for people to learn something new about wine each day. The title will be at the top with the fun fact beneath and an image to go with it on the right-hand side. “view more” will also be on the bottom right-hand side.

Match of the Day Section: Information about the wine will be in the middle of the page with an image of the wine on the right-hand side and an image of the food on the top left-hand side. A “find out more” button will also be on the bottom right-hand side.

Mini Site on Mobileimg_2678

The site will be portrait with the logo on the top and the three sections below each other taking up the rest of the screen. The video page will the logo at the top, the video beneath it and the playlist and the “view more” link below.


Landing Page(s): There are going to be two options the viewer will have. Two different wines, two different venues to drink wine, two different foods to have with wine, two different occasions..etc. Out of the two options, the option they choose will reveal information about what wine is best for that particular situation or the wine that best suits certain foods. We will also include the more button at the bottom for viewers to go to the wineryguy’s website.


Landing Page(s) Mobile: This is going to be very similar but it will be on portrait form. The question/headline will be in the centre and the one image will be on top and the other on the bottom. Once the viewer has chosen an option, the option that was not chosen will disappear and the information will be revealed at the bottom. As always, there will be a more button that will allow viewers to go to the website.