Learning Resources brainstorm


Good compendium for all HTML, CSS and jQuery commands and possibilities. The first location when it comes to clarify commands and their effects.


The main page for the open source library of jQuery. This library makes it easy to use all features Javascript has to offer and each command is explained through different executions and implementations.


Whenever we are stuck on a certain functionality issue, stack overflow has already a post which is querying exactly that issue – an outstanding resource for trouble shooting.


Ideas for marketing and creative campaigns are collected and moderated on this page. It is a very useful resource to initiate ideas, see great campaigns and sometimes even to switch off for a few minutes and regroup the mental ability to get back to the code editor.


The blog our client has been writing for years. To dive deeper into the topic of the launch campaign, we must know the page and use it as guidance for collateral.


Good examples for campaigns, what can be used and what is changing in the world of marketing. A resource that keeps us informed and at the pulse of time.


To make an impact, we only have four weeks and apart from our efforts to spread our campaign across many social platforms and websites, we will have to optimise it in terms of SEO to try and get listed in search engines as fast as possible.


Another good resource to understand and adjust campaigns, landing pages and everything else to play our content directly into the arms of major search engines. Be found to create an impact!


Interesting read to get people out of their comfort zone and into the learning boots. In regards to our project, this fits quite well. We are trying to engage people to widen their horizon.


Brief concise summary for what to strive for in webdesign (also applicable to landing pages and our mini campaign page)