Direct Comparison

The first week

Our first week started off with a huge soar in visits. Looking at the very same period in the previous year, we can see a vast growth in traffic and also in social acquisition. The sessions have doubled, so have the users. Page views are up significantly.


To gain a better understanding of this year, we have compared the first week of our campaign to the previous week:


We can see that the impact was not as huge as compared to the previous year. However, we still see a drastic increase across all areas and lifted social acquisition from 6.5% to 17.2%.

The second week

Unable to repeat the intense impact of the first week, we still managed to improve in some areas:


Our sessions and user numbers have taken a hit which is understandable due to the heavy start in week one. We still managed to increase the pages per sessions which means that the users we are acquiring are more interested in what the wineguy has to offer. This shows that we generated an audience¬†within the client’s target group.

The third week

After half of the campaign’s lifespan, we can see the effect plateauing:


We have gained a little more traction in the early days of the week. The rest seems almost identical to week two.

The fourth week

In the final week we achieved again the similar result to the previous week:


What is worth pointing out at this point is that pages per session increased week on week. Having started with 3.79 pages per session, we have finished with 4.29.

The whole campaign compared to the previous month


As the analytics display it, we raised every area for the domain of the client apart from pages per session and the percentage of new sessions.

The pages per session can be explained by an anomaly directly before our campaign and some users going through more pages than usual.

The percentage of new sessions is a relative metric. As we can see we increased the all sessions by 25% which equals to 1146 additional sessions. We also acquired 676 new users. As the number of sessions grows, it is very likely to see the percentage of new sessions shrink. More visitors are returning to the page to check for updates and the growth rate cannot be maintained.


A look specifically at the acquisition distribution reveals the huge increase in social media impact. During our campaign we have achieved to bring 13.3% of the steadily increasing traffic to the site (compared to only 4.8% in the month prior). This is a 247.44% increase.

The raised awareness of the website due to our campaign also increased organic search traffic by 13.12%, direct visitors by 28.54% and referrals by 7.06%.

The week after the campaign


As soon as the campaign finished, the analytics show an almost instant decrease.


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