Analytics during our campaign

We started our campaign on the 24th April and below is the information of how many people were on wineguy’s website.

24-30th April

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 11.10.35 PM

24th April was great as there were 333 sessions, making this the highest for the first week of our campaign. However, it slowly decreased to 182 on 29th April which was the lowest session for the week. As the 29th was a Saturday and the last day of the holidays, we assumed that it could have decreased due to parents taking their children out all day and therefore not being online.

Average session is still 23 seconds, so it has not changed from last week. The number of users in a week was 1,168 which is impressive. 65.6% of those users were new visitors to the site and the remaining 34.4% were returning visitors.

Bounce rate was 4.21% which is a good sign as it is relatively low, especially with 65.6% of them being new visitors.


Organic searches is still the most used way people are getting onto wineguy’s website, but social media is now the second most popular way of getting to the site. This is an improvement from last week as social media was fourth. Of the 1,615 sessions, 278 of them were from social media which is a large increase from last week which was only 86 sessions. The bounce rate is 1.08% but it is quite good seeing as last week the bounce rate was 1.16% with 86 being the sessions. This is a large increase from last week, displaying that our campaign has done well in the first week.

1st – 7th May

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 11.51.40 PM

The highest session was on Friday 5th May with 196 sessions, as the rest of the week stayed consistent around 169 – 196 sessions. The number of sessions this week decreased to 1,287 which is 328 sessions less than last week.

The average session duration has decreased from 23 seconds to 20 seconds. The number of users has also decreased to 983 this week, however there has been an increase in the number of new visitors by 3.5%. However, this week’s bounce rate has increased from 4.21% to 5.36%, but in terms of the overall average bounce rate being 20%, this is still relatively low which is good.


Social media is still the second way people are going onto the site. The number of sessions has dropped by 91, which is large. However, seeing as 187 people are going onto the site and staying (bounce rate is 0%) shows that our campaign is working well. Bounce rate this week has improved since it is 0%, compared to the 1.08% last week. This demonstrates that the people who are seeing our posts on social media are the ones that are interested in our posts so actually look as our content.


8th – 14th May

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.02.30 AM

The highest sessions of this week was the 7th May with 274 sessions. As the week went on, there was a decrease to around 180 sessions. There were a total of 1,381 sessions this week which increased by 94 since last week. The average duration of people on our client’s page was 24 seconds which is also an increase from the 20 seconds last week.

In total there were 164 sessions from social media with a 0% bounce rate which is really good, compared to direct which has the highest bounce rate of 24.55%. Direct and social media are close in numbers of sessions (167 and 164) and since the bounce rate for direct is quite high, it shows that social media is doing well. Social media being the lowest bounce rate also demonstrates how successful our campaign has been so far.

In saying that, social media was the third most popular way of people were going onto our client’s website. Organic searches are still the most used with 71.3% and 11.9% from social media. However, there was a decrease of people coming from social media this week with only 164 compared to last weeks 187.


15th – 21st May

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.26.24 AM

The last week of our campaign started off with 241 sessions on Monday 15th May, but as like the previous week, decreased to around 160-190 sessions throughout the rest of the week. A total of 1,317 sessions this week, which is 64 sessions less than last week.

There has been a pattern of Mondays having the most sessions out of the whole week. This could be due to people spending more time online after work or during their work breaks on Mondays after being use to the relaxing time they had during the weekend. The lowest sessions this week was on our last day Sunday 21st May with 161 sessions.

The average time people spent on our client’s site was 19 seconds. This is a decrease from last weeks 24 seconds. This is the lowest average session time out of our four weeks of our campaign. This week, 70.7% of the people on our client’s site were new visitors and 29.3% were new visitors.

We had the lowest social media sessions throughout our campaign this week with only 118. The bounce rate was higher than last week as it was 0.85%. However, it is still the lowest bounce rate compared to the other ways people are coming onto our client’s site.

Social media is still the third most used way audiences are getting onto our site as direct and organic searches are still the most popular. It is the lowest percentage during this campaign with only 9% whereas organic searches was 73.7% and direct was 11.1%.


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