Instagram Pictures

Since Instagram is all about images, I will be using creative common images from the site pixabay.

These are some of the images I have used. I’ve also edited them so that they have similar colour themes, that way the instagram account will have images that are consistent. I’ve also added wine in some images to make sure that it still relates back to the main theme of wine.


Since talking to Abhi about our campaign, we have made some changes. One of the changes is the Instagram photos. Abhi has suggested that we have the information about the wine and the food pairing on the image. Instagram is it’s own kind of site that should provide the information on the account rather than people going onto the site. Therefore by having the information on Instagram, it is giving it to the target audience without having to go the website, which is a lot harder to do.

So the posts had an image of the food, an image of the wine bottle and a list of all the wine options that would best go with that particular food. I created mockups to see which one would be more popular and best to post on Instagram.

After asking a couple people, they preferred the second option. So we ran with this new idea for the rest of our campaign. So the rest of the images on Instagram were designed similar.



Image References: APA






Berry Ice Cream Pairing:




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