Instagram Research

Doing some research around the kind of wine images/topics that are on Instagram, has helped us get an idea of our target audience’s interest.

These are some wine instagram accounts that have large followings due to their content.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine have about 112k followers and posts images that are about wine. It it does not have a bottle or glass of wine, it would be able wine therefore making their content consistant with being all about wine. Their images are mostly light coloured with white backgrounds or pastel colours. Images of food also has a glass of wine making sure that it stays consistent with their wine theme. Their style seems to target adults from the age 25-40 who would be interested into the aesthetics of the images.

Wine vinhos has 123k followers and posts images that are also about wine. Most of their images are of people drinking wine during gatherings. Displaying the type of audience they are targeting. Their audience are middle class adults (30-50) who like to get together with family and friends to socialise and eat food with their wine.

Wine’s instagram account has images that are also related to wine. These images mostly depict summer and a holiday feel as images are taken outside of the view or of food. Their target audience seems to be people who travel, like to cook and relax while consuming their wine. Based on the images, their target audience is 30-50.

Food and Wine mostly posts images that are of food. They have occasional images of wine and alcohol, however their account is full of different types of food. Food and Wine has 2 Million follows. This shows that food is a very popular topic on Instagram compared to wine. Due to the quality of the images that are on their account, it is looks professionally taken. It is aesthetically pleasing and seems as it would be targeting young adults aged 18-25. Young adults are more concerned about how images look and are presented, and since majority of the users are young adults on Instagram, it shows how most of them are interested in food rather than wine.

From looking at the different wine pages, it has helped us get a sense on what our target audience 25-35 year olds would want to see. Food is a very popular topic so using images that have food and wine together would help us gain attention from our target audience. So by having high quality images of food and wine, would most likely attract our audience to follow us.

Also having a consistent theme on our Instagram account would help people follow us. By having these things, it will hopefully help us gain more of our target audiences’ attention to therefore go onto our clients page to view more.


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