Low fidelity prototypes

Landing pages – Low fidelity prototypes

These two prototypes will help us to visualise the sketches and mock-ups more thoroughly and also to present the client with a basic functionality. This is only for early demonstrations and does not include any effects. Also, the final versions will see us implementing all into one page rather than having Desktop and Mobile as two different versions.

– The added reset button is not part of the final design –

Landing page – Low fidelity – Desktop

Landing page – Low fidelity – Mobile

Mini Site – Low fidelity prototypes

The low fidelity prototypes for the Mini Site are illustrating the general idea and flow of the page. Sections can be directly linked to or the “index” at the top of the single-scroller lets you decide which area you would like to visit. At the bottom of each element are links back to the client’s website for further information on the topic (each one linking to a different section on his website).

Mini Site – Low fidelity – Desktop

Mini Site – Low fidelity – Mobile


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