Google Analytics and issues with single-scrollers (AND solution)

Google Analytics will be our main tool to evaluate the impact of our campaign. We are going to place Analytics on the Landing Pages and the Mini-Site to see how many people we attract, where we lose them or how much of a regular clientele we receive.


Because Google Analytics is tracking the changes in pages and ultimately the activity between webpages, we are facing a problem about our pages which are going to be single-scrolling entities with only one file.

There will be no clicking and linking between different pages and therefore Google Analytics will show us that all visitors are bouncing (leaving the page without interaction).

However, we have options and clickable items on our pages and we would like to track what people do when they arrive at one of our campaign elements.


We are not going to embed Google Analytics as per standard solution, we will utilize the Google Tag Manager to do so.

With the Tag Manager running on our campaign elements, we can designate events and therefore prove actual user interaction with the pages. This allows us to not get the 100% bounce rate and it will make it easier to compare what elements performed better and kept a greater audience focused longer.


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