The first meeting with the client

Date: Fri, 17 March 2017
Location: Dida’s Wine Lounge (54 Jervois Road, Herne Bay)
Time: 4.30pm – 6.30pm
Attendees: Gavin (Client), Hulu, Chris

After initial contact to check the availability of utilising Gavin’s website a week prior to the meeting, we all met up to discuss the procedures, timelines and collateral required.

Presenting the timeline:

  • Agreed to proceed as outlined in the timeline post (24 April – 20 May)
  • Gavin offered to help out with imagery and text requirements
  • Leading up to the 24 April all collateral is to be produced
  • 20 May will launch with a new category under features on his website (Comparing wine varieties Oaked vs Unoaked)

After the agreement on the timeframe, we discussed the nature of the new material we will create in order to launch and run the campaign for the duration of four weeks.

Material to be created:

  • Mini-website (3 pages – single-scroller site)
  • 2x Landing pages (both with A&B variants)
  • After the creation of these elements, we will take a closer look at what material will best match it to be utilised on social media
  • #wineguy and #winesworthsharing (motto of the site) are to be contained in all social activity
  • PHP selectors will be utilised on landing pages and social media to reflect different content on the pages
  • 2x LinkedIn articles (A: Friday Drinks and B: Business Etiquette/Gifts/Lunches)


The Mini-Site will give an overview of (also accessible via and focus on three categories of the page:

  • Glossary
  • Food Pairing
  • Vineo (Videos about wine)

For the videos, we will be creating different libraries, which get loaded via PHP selectors and then embedded utilising a jQuery randomizer to ensure that the content from social link to landing page to mini-site is coherent and matches the users’ expectations. This way we will be minimising drop-off rates and deliver a comprehensive on-topic experience that will allow us to communicate and achieve our goals throughout the campaign.

Landing Pages

The landing pages will explore different scenarios and contain varying approaches of how people consume wine and in what environments. The content and imagery will be supplied by the client and contain the actual content from the first four articles of the new categories (changing each of the landing pages weekly to offer variety and keep users interested).

Page 1
The first landing page will focus on food and wine pairing. According to the new category that will be introduced throughout the campaign and starts on the website on the 20 May, we will give the user two options – The left-hand side will show an oaked version of a wine with a food pairing in the bottom left corner. Clicking on it will transform the page and briefly explain why this goes together. The right-hand side will have an unoaked version of the same label with a different food pairing. Again, clicking on it will reveal brief information of why it goes together.

Page 1 – Alternative version
The alternative version will see us swapping around the wine and food focus – Food as the main object and wine match in the corner.

Expected outcome:
The expected outcome here will show us whether people are more likely to be driven by the food or by the wine choices. An educated guess is that the food-centred version will do better with people outside the wine industry.

Page 2
The second landing page will see us explore common situations where wine is part of the experience. Again, we will split the page in two halves and put two different locations opposite one another. The first will see us compare a social BBQ scenario versus a family dinner at home. Clicking on either one will bring up suggestions that are best matched to the scenario with the food offered and also taking into account the time of day.

Page 2 – Alternative version
The alternative version here will see us putting a cafe against a restaurant experience. Again we are looking at different times of day, different kind of food experiences and both of these are away from the home and can be part of a private as well as a business context.

Expected outcome:
To guess the outcome here is very hard. We are thinking it will be a close call and be equally popular with visitors.

Conclusion of the meeting

In the end we have agreed to touch base again by Thursday, 23 March 2017 to supply the client with sketches and mock-ups of the Mini-Site, Landing pages and their variations. Based on these initial mock-ups, we will start prototyping the elements and also start working on potential layouts for all social media elements.

Future deadlines:

  • All Mock-Ups and prototypes to be designed and confirmed by the client on 3 April 2017
  • Production of all material between 3 April – 24 April
  • Launch Campaign execution 24 April – 20 May
  • Posting the new feature category 20 May (Client to execute)
  • After 20 May 2017 evaluating data from analytics, social activity and comparison to activity prior to campaign – Reflection

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